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Boise Chiropractor Dr. Scott Coulter

Chiropractic Opened My Eyes

Boise Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Coulter

Dr. Scott Coulter

I remember my first experience with chiropractic. I didn’t experience a miracle, but it definitely opened my eyes to alternative health care. You see, I had injured my low back on the job one day. The following morning I could not physically stand on my own due to the pain.

After literally belly crawling to the phone I managed to get help to the Doctor. All they could do was prescribe muscle relaxers, pain killers and bed rest. Take these if it is not better in a week or so come back and see me. An MRI and possible surgery if I did not improve in a couple weeks. I wasn’t going wait two weeks, I needed relief now. My sister suggested I see her Chiropractor.

I was amazed! I will never forget my first visit. After being helped into the office, examined thoroughly, and finally helped onto the table, I received my first adjustment. I walked out under my own power.

That was it, I was hooked. I knew I wanted to be a Chiropractor. Within a few months I was back in school working towards helping others maintain health without drugs or surgery.

My Chiropractic Journey

I began my pre-Chiropractic education at Boise State University where I studied basic sciences such as chemistry, biology, along with basic anatomy and physiology courses.

After completing my prerequisite studies I was accepted at Life Chiropractic University in Marietta Georgia. During my fours at Life, my studies included biochemistry, human anatomy and physiology, radiography, diagnosis, specific osseous chiropractic adjusting techniques, and a year and one half of out patient clinic. After graduating with honors I returned to my home town (Boise) to establish my own practice.

A Healthy Chiropractic Family

Dr. Coulter is married to Dr. Theresa Cramer-Coulter. They met in chiropractic college and now practice side-by-side in a very professional and family oriented practice. They have three children, two boys, Connor and Tristin, and one girl, Trinity.

My entire family enjoys the benefits of a natural approach to health. My children have been under care since birth. In fact, my entire extended family, most of which live in the Boise area, also are under Chiropractic care. We take care of all types of conditions in our office with an emphasis on the entire family.

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